How to Create the Best Wedding Hashtags

How to Create the Best Wedding Hashtags

We are living in the era of web where social media plays an important role in every person’s life. The internet affects many aspects of our daily routine, including work, education, communication, shopping, and more. On top of that, social networks start to find their way into some of the centuries-old traditions, such as weddings! Today, nearly every couple posts wedding pictures on Instagram and other social media.

Thousands of young newlyweds from all over the world use wedding hashtags to post photos and videos from the celebration. It is a great way to motivate guests and friends to share the best moments of the big day with the entire world. Anyone can easily build up excitement around their wedding celebration using hashtags. On this page, you will find a bunch of useful tips that will help you create a great DIY wedding hashtag.

Why Wedding Hashtags Are Important

If you want to make the celebration even more memorable and draw excitement for your wedding day, post your videos and photos with a catchy wedding hashtag. It not only can help your guests to see the pictures as soon as it is possible but also allow you to create an amazing online wedding album that will be available on the internet at any time.

Additionally, a good wedding hashtag will motivate your guests to take more pictures. Even though the majority of couples hire photographers that captures high-quality photos of the celebration, nothing compares with informal and natural amateur shots made by your friends. They will make your wedding album personalized and truly unique.

That is why creating a memorable hashtag is extremely important for any wedding nowadays. It is very important if you want all your friends and relatives to remember your big day for a long time. However, it is not easy to come up with a unique and interesting wedding hashtag. That is why we are here to help! Below, we have listed the best hashtag wedding ideas for social media.

Tips to Making the Perfect Hashtag

Now that you have learned about the benefits of wedding hashtags, let us take a look of the best tips that will help you create them.

Start from simple ideas

Do not hesitate to start looking for ideas from the obvious options. The perfect hashtag does not have to be unique. You should wright down a list of things that come to your mind when you think about the upcoming wedding. Here are some things to consider:

Hashtag usage example
  • Names of the newlyweds;
  • The date of the celebration;
  • The name or location of the wedding venue;
  • Your wedding’s theme;
  • The place where you met each other for the first time.

Additionally, try to think of something that only you and your friends will understand. Maybe, you and your partner have special nicknames for each other. Feel free to use them!

Check your potential hashtags

You must have a huge list of potential wedding hashtags by now. However, it is important to check whether somebody has already used your phrase. Visit Instagram and search all of your options. You can also use services like Instatag to see the popularity of any specific hashtag. It is very convenient!

Use the help of friends and online generators

Finally, you can ask your friends to share some ideas. Start with a post on social media and create a contest for the best wedding hashtag. It will be very fun and helpful! Additionally, you can use the assistance of the online services such as Instatag. Enter your wedding date, names, and other information to generate hashtags automatically. Even though they will not very creative, at least you will have some basic options to start from.

Otherwise, just use our service and generates the best wedding hashtag. #GatsbysWeddingHashtags searches popular catchphrases and generates creative hashtags that blend details of your wedding into the phrases! Enjoy!