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1st step

Select a template

The hardest step, you need to choose a template you wanna use. Just pick up the best one!

2nd step

Preview and Customize Cards Almost here

Customize your card here, choose your font and options if you want print text on both sides of card. You can also include printing table names here! We will add more features soon!

3d step

Enter your guests names

Just paste the information about your guests in text area. The names and tables will get formatted on your cards automatically! Paste your list of names into the textbox. Every name on a new line. Separate the optional table text with a ',' . Of course, if you removed option 'Include text for table.' on the previous step, ignore tables here!

The end

Well doneEnjoy

When you're happy with how everything looks you can save your progress and you'll get a downloadable PDF file with the cards completely laid out for you. Now you can preview or download! This file is ready to print! That's it!